Maximize the value of your business with National Automated Services

Maximize the value of your business with National Automated Services

NAS operates with your business in mind. Work with National Automated Services for a hassle-free solution to bring value to your customers and grow your business revenue. Maximize your success with ease.

Are You A Business Owner Looking For A Way To Increase Foot Traffic & Revenue?

An ATM machine could be the perfect solution for you! By providing your customers with easy access to cash, you can make their shopping experience more convenient and increase the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase.

National Automated Services

We provide businesses with the convenience of having an ATM machine without the burden of managing it themselves. This allows your business to focus on your core operations while ensuring that your customers have access to cash whenever they need it.


-Professional installation of ATM machines in businesses of all types and sizes.

-Team of experienced technicians will handle the installation process from start to finish, including site preparation, electrical and security requirements, and final testing.

-We will work with the business owner to find the best location for the ATM machine to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility for customers.


-We offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure that the ATM machine is always in good working order.

-Our team of technicians will perform regular maintenance and cleaning of the ATM machine to ensure that it is functioning properly and is clean and presentable for customers.

-We also offer 24/7 technical support to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Cash Management

-National Automated Services handles the cash management of the ATM machine, including loading and replenishing cash as needed.

-Use of state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the safety and security of the cash and the ATM machine.

ATM's We Currently Offer

Hyosung Halo 2

If you’re looking for an ATM to put in your business, then look no further than the Hyosung Halo 2. This machine is the epitome of convenience, reliability, and security. With its sleek design and advanced technology, the Hyosung Halo 2 is not only a visual delight but also incredibly easy to use. The machine offers a range of connectivity options, allowing you to manage transactions with ease. The Hyosung Halo 2’s advanced security features provide peace of mind that both you and your customers are protected. Plus, offering fast and secure access to cash will drive customer satisfaction, increase foot traffic and ultimately boost your bottom line. Trust me, the Hyosung Halo 2 is the only choice when it comes to choosing an ATM for your business.

Genmega G2500

The Genmega G2500 ATM machine is a great choice for any business looking to offer convenient and secure access to cash for their customers. With its streamlined design and innovative technology, this machine is both user-friendly and reliable. Not only does it provide a convenient service for your customers, but it can also increase foot traffic and sales, as people are more likely to visit a business that offers easy access to cash. Additionally, the Genmega G2500 offers advanced security features to protect both you and your customers, giving you peace of mind that your transactions are secure. So, if you’re looking to boost customer satisfaction, increase sales, and provide a secure and reliable source of cash, look no further than the Genmega G2500 ATM machine.

 ATM Business Connection

Are you ready to turbocharge your ATM business? Look no further! 


National Automated Service’s, ATM Business Connection is here to connect you with the best service providers in your area, freeing you up to focus on what truly matters: growth and success.


From ATM maintenance to cash vaulting, installation to technician support, we’ve got you covered.


We’ve also offer top location leads that can help turn your vision of a booming ATM business into reality.


Don’t settle for mediocrity, it’s time to unleash the full potential of your ATM business.


Take control of your future, take control of your success, and join our network today!

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